Day 28

This is what a good day should look like:

I didn’t follow that plan on this particular Saturday though.

I had poached eggs for breakfast. Two slices of toast, but three eggs as my son didn’t want one of his – I’m glad we’ve brought him up without the feeling that he has to clear his plate – something I’ve learnt from by mum and dad who were brought up in the post-WWII rationing years.

I knew we’d be eating with family later though so I didn’t have lunch.

We had pizzas and red wine – quite a bit of it.



Day 26

The boy isn’t in school today and I have a busy day of work ahead. He will tell me how he is bored a million times, despite having a room full of toys to play with, a bookshelf full of books to read and a couple of instruments to practice on.

I have my porridge and at lunch time I get a latte, coronation chicken sandwich and pain au raisin for lunch.

I think I eat some dark chocolate too. And some toast. And maybe a couple more pieces of toast with peanut butter.